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Staging Matters, solutions for business, life and home.


The magic behind achieving the highest prices for all of Estate of Kate sellers is

Staging Matters. Founded by Kate Heislup, is a creative interiors concierge service that transforms properties in preparation for listing. Staging Matters is also known for more than just decorating, but using design and a passion for nostalgia to create experiences that evoke inspiration; for your home, business, and Airbnb rental properties, and more. Choosing Staging Matters for your space is always a decision you will be glad you made.

Some favorite looks

Clay Texture


Kate understands how to
make design sell for you.

Our clients rely on knowledge, skill, and our strategic designs that move homes and get you more money for your deal. Our designs are carefully curated to appeal to the largest group of potential buyers, while showcasing distinctive design trends. 

Whether your property is a home, office, retail, Airbnb, or more, Staging Matters is there to ensure that potential buyers, clients and more are immediately inspired and compelled to act
on your offer.

Airedale House

Tuckahoe House

The Myrtle Wood House

Rachel Hill House

Bentley Village House

Wooden Furnitures

Let's get started on something great.

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