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Garage Sale

Saturday, May 18


Neighborhood Yard Sale

Hosted by Estate of Kate

Located on Foxcroft Rd. + Neighborhood
Warrenton, VA


Update!!! Moved to 6/1/24 because of rain

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All are

come and shop!

yard sale photo

The treasure hunt
starts saturday

On Saturday, June 1 


Located on Foxcroft Rd., near Rady Park + Surrounding Neighborhood Warrenton, VA


Join us for a neighborhood-wide yard sale event. Open to the public.

All community members are welcomed to put up a table in your driveway or lawn and Join in. This is a great opportunity to connect with your neighborhood and surrounding community. Visitors welcome! Come out and join us, who knows what treasures you may find. Visit our host table by Estate of Kate.

Pro tip: bring cash, sunscreen, good walking shoes, and a tote to carry your finds.

Want to be notified as more details become available?

Thanks! More details to come soon.

neighbors talking on steps
kid getting face painted

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Special thank you to our donors



Have some old stuff you have been meaning to get rid of? Sell it! You have some arts or crafts you want to sell? Do it!

You want to raise money for your soccer team by selling baked goods? or host a dance off in your driveway? Awesome! Promote your business, fundraise, sell, sounds like fun! 

Sign up here to let us know you are interested in participating.

This does not lock you in, this is so we can gauge interest and promote you properly in our marketing materials.

All residents are welcome to participate. Throw up a table in your driveway and join the party!

All public are welcome to visit and come see what treasures they can find.

How do you wish to participate?

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact soon with more details..


What do I do with all the leftover stuff from the yard sale?

We have a solution. Schedule a Green Drop Donation Pick up!

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